Dear Calvary Church Family,

If you were in church last Sunday for the announcements (we’ve moved them more to the beginning of the service so that we can be more focused on worship—through song, scripture, sermon, and communion) you heard about a townhall scheduled for this Sunday. We’ve decided to postpone that. The Staff and Elders are having dinner together this Tuesday night to talk about what good communication looks like and what systems need to be developed to consistently hear from you as well as our host of dedicated ministry leaders. One of the data sets from the recent VCM report said that “common sense communication could be practiced more effectively” and I wanted to let you know that we’re working on that!

All Church Summits Scheduled

Speaking of the recent report, I’m thrilled to announce that our Focusing Team (see below for team members) has scheduled three all-church Summits. This is in response to Recommendation #3 in the report, which said, “Discover what God wants for the church through the Focusing the Church Process. Focusing the Church is a series of (all-church) summits or gatherings that aim to answer three questions: (1) Where have we been? (2) Where are we going? (3) How are we going to get there? The Focusing Process is led by a team of people known as the Focusing Team. There are eight people serving on our Focusing Team, Leslie Colgin, Jeff Haas, Kailey Heilman, Carol McCallister, MJ Mann, Eric Sollom, Tracie Thorson, and Jordan Wadsworth. The role of the Focusing Team is to plan, administrate, and serve as table leaders for each of the Summits. Here’s what I will say to you: If you want to have input into the future of Calvary Church come to the Summits!They will be more like workshops with plenty of interaction and focused (ultimately) on what God desires for the next season of the life and ministry of Calvary Church. We’ll laugh, we’ll share, we might cry a bit, and we will focus on the future. Here is our schedule please save the dates:

Summit 1: Sunday afternoon March 10th from 3-6pm in the Fireside Room

Summit 2: Sunday afternoon April 21st from 3-6 in the Fireside Room

Summit 3: Sunday afternoon May 19th from 3-6 in the Fireside Room

I would ask that you make every effort to attend all three Summits. Online registration will be available soon. Certainly, it’s an investment of time. This a magnificent opportunity for our whole congregation to get on the same page together. It will also provide perspective on the gifts, experience, and calling of a permanent Lead Pastor that will be the best fit for who we are and where the Holy Spirit is leading us as a congregation.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Gregg