Dear Calvary Church,

A diagnostic assessment can be compared to going in for our yearly physical. Various metrics are recorded, our bloodwork is examined, and the doctor pokes and prods and if it hurts somewhere where it’s not supposed to, more tests are scheduled. There’s even a thing called white coat syndrome, or white coat hypertension, where the anxiety of just being around doctors in white coats can make our blood pressure rise.

There can also be measurable anxiety both before and after a church diagnostic assessment. Our staff took some time to process the report last Tuesday and the elders will be meeting this coming Tuesday to process and prioritize. This is an important time to be prayerful as we consider what was said as well as the opportunity before us.

If you would like to talk about your thoughts, feelings, and/or observations related to Calvary I would look forward to meeting with you. You can schedule an appointment by clicking here. If the available times don’t fit your schedule, you can contact Jamie and we will work something out.

We should expect a final written (digital) report in 2-3 weeks. The report typically comes in three forms—a 1-page summary of issues and recommendations, a 25–30-page executive summary, and the whole enchilada, which will be about 150 pages. I’m assuming we’ll make all three options available to our congregation.

Good Gossip

  • We have fairly new staff members and this last week we launched our first Staff Development Workshop. The idea is to proactively develop our staff as disciples of Jesus (not just church workers) and to build unity and a shared focus as we launch into this new season.
  • I had the opportunity to attend a guy’s group this last week and it was a beautiful picture of transparency, vulnerability, prayer, and engaging in God’s word. It was also an extraordinary mix of new believers, guys coming back to Christ, longtime believers, and guys reengaging with Calvary. It really seems like God is up to something fresh and new.
  • There are some new families attending who have said they feel like God has placed them here and are looking to get more involved.
  • I also heard about some families who are looking into Calvary as a result of touring the school.
  • Kristen continues to report about the women involved in women’s ministry who are longing to grow and further develop their ministry and leadership skills.

Please continue to pray for God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done in and through Calvary Church—and I’ll see you on Sunday!

Pastor Gregg