For as long as humanity has been worshipping God, the changing seasons have served as sacred markers inviting us to celebrate the Lord of all life. The word Advent comes from the Latin adventus and means “coming” or “arrival.” The focus of the Advent season anticipates the birth of Jesus in His First Advent as well as the future return of Jesus in His Second Advent. The Advent season begins the 4th Sunday before Christmas and culminates in the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

This weekend we will be rolling out Advent resource materials for our women’s ministry and well as materials for singles, couples, and families with kids. Our Advent sermon series will coincide with the resource materials, and we will be having Advent Candle Lighting each Sunday. Please keep in mind that Christmas Eve is on Sunday this year and we will not be having a morning service. Our Christmas Eve service will be from 4:30–5:30pm. More details to come!

We are in a good rhythm of consistency on Sundays so I hope we can all become inviters and includers this Advent season. Who do you know that is unchurched or de-churched that you could invite to join us?

Good Gossip

  • I met two people last Sunday and each one quickly told me they weren’t believers yet but are really enjoying Calvary. I love two things about this… 1) Each one felt safe enough to tell me, and 2) It’s awesome that we have people on a journey joining us.
  • I was told at least one student wants to be baptized. There are likely more. We should schedule a baptism soon. (If you’d like to be baptized let one of our staff know!)
  • I’ve heard that the school students continue to be hungry for more of Jesus. Even requesting to sing Build My Life at home.
  • The Community Group curriculum related to fasting has been well received and even life-giving for some.
  • I’ve heard that people who haven’t been around are coming back to Calvary. And I’m not very good with numbers but the room on Sundays seems to be filling up a bit.
  • Our staff loved seeing people getting prayer at the conclusion of our service last Sunday. People seem to be hungry for an encounter with God.
  • I attended the Elf performance Wednesday night, and it was awesome!!

Let’s continue to be prayerful and ask God to do what only He can do—and I’ll see you on Sunday!

Pastor Gregg